Rules and Regulation
  1. A student admitted to B.Ed Course in college must maintain the ethos of commitment to a professional programme. He /she is expected to behave in dignified manner.
  2. According to Ranchi University and NCTE norms a trainee must attend 75% of all theory classes.
  3. Prior Permission is required from the Principal / Prof. in-Charge for any casual absence.
  4. No other Commitments , such as competitive examination, Computer Courses, Private tuition, other University Examinations should be undertaken during the regular College timing.
  5. Every student is expected to make the best use of library books.
  6. The Trainees are expected to take proper care of the college property.
  7. If a candidate desires to drop out from the course before the commencement of classes, he/she will receive refund of fee except application and admission fee. After the commencement of classes there will be no refund of money.

Course Completion Requirement for appearing at the university Examination
  1. Every candidate for the B.Ed Examination shall produce a certificate from the principal for the Purpose of:
    1. Good Conduct
    2. Having satisfactorily completion of the course by:
      1. Attending 75% lectures in theory (including optional subjects)
      2. Attending 75% Classes in tutorial.
      3. Giving 40 lessons in two of the method subject selected.
      4. 10 observation lessons & 2 criticism lessons.
  2. Candidates , who fail to fulfill the requirement in respect of sessional work or percentage of attendance of lectures , shall not be allowed to appear at the University Exam.
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